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Eat well, Stay Fit, Think Better!

 Did you know an average female requires approximately 2,000 Calories a day and an average male requires 2,500 Calories a day? But, most adults tend to consume more calories than necessary. Ideally, a balanced diet should consist of food such as: fruits and vegetables, whole grains,proteins,dairy and less saturated fats. Your daily food consumption not only affects your physical health but also your mental health. The feeling of well-being of a person is very much associated with when and what they eat.

Why Have an wholesome approach towards Diet?

 First of all, Our psychology and physiology are connected in many ways that we often don’t realise. Do you know why you feel better when you eat something sugary? It’s because there is a sudden spike of energy. This is then followed by a crash in energy levels. It’s an endless cycle.

 So to say, the kind of diet you follow affects the structure and functioning of your brain and ultimately your mood tends to fluctuate. Having a wholesome approach to health and wellness honours both our physical and psychological well-being while helping us feel our best.

Diet and Disorders!

 Secondly, it’s no secret that diet has a direct impact on your physical health and to best prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases, diet and physical exercise play a vital role. But, what most people don’t realise is that diet has an effect on physical disorders(such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity) that commonly are seen alongside several Psychological disorders.

Diet On a Time-Crunch

 Indeed, Our body requires regular supply of proper nutrition. While, a sugar-laden diet is tempting, we are causing harm to our bodies in more ways than one. But, if we nourish our bodies with a healthy diet, we are providing our brains with the fuel it requires to carry out cognitive processes and emotions.Granted, it’s not always easy to feast on healthy food or stay on a diet, that’s when you can opt for healthier food options such as Hayz, On The Wood, Under 500 , Cafe Bateel,  Kcal  and Circle Cafe. {These are just some of the few healthy alternatives that you can find on Eateasy.}