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Japanese Cuisine:Top 5 places around Dubai!

A Cuisine that has always been known for being Elegant, Refined and for its connection to nature with an affinity to eat food in the most natural and freshest state possible, Japanese Cuisine has taken the world by storm. Fresh produce is often lightly cooked and how people cook is highly influenced by the seasons. Along with the taste, they pay the utmost attention to visual as part of the eating experience. You can experience this first hand in your own city. These are some of our favorite go-to restaurants and what’s good:

1) Yo Sushi

They’re all about the authentic Japanese Street food and Sushi. Sushi is their main attraction although they do have a spectacular range of street food, from the classics to fusion dishes. To top it off they’re also a sustainable brand, constantly looking for ways to serve responsibly sourced seafood, which makes them stand out.

2) Sushi Art

At Sushi Art, they have created a sophisticated atmosphere in which they create exceptional sushi, sashimi, maki rolls, ceviche bowls, cooked Asian dishes and more to please your palate. Their exceptional eye for detail and dedication to customer satisfaction makes their service on point!

3) Sushi Counter

Experience Japanese Cuisine refreshed and renewed with an array of innovative new ways to look at Japanese food with Sushi Counter. Sushi Counter is also inclusive of diets such as vegetarianism, veganism and the paleo. If quality, authenticity and reasonably-priced sushi are on your mind then Sushi Counter is the place for you.

4) Hako Sushi

Hako Sushi is every sushi lovers go-to restaurant for quick, fresh and delicious sushi delivery. With a very exciting menu ranging from Delicious Appetizers, meals and combos to the freshest of sushi, maki, sashimi, and temaki rolls. Each sushi meal you order here is worth every penny spent because there is so much attention to detail and the service is exceptional.

5)  Miyabi Sushi

With a vision to create a high-end value-oriented Japanese restaurant, with reasonable prices- Miyabi Sushi was created. They make it their everyday mission to deliver quality and fresh food, great service, and satisfaction to their guests. Also with a scrumptious menu like theirs, You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this restaurant!

The diversity in their menus allows us to cater to every type of lifestyle and dietary preferences. These restaurants go beyond the traditional dishes which seek to blend art with new and exciting flavor profiles. To explore more sign up to our App